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Frequently Asked Frozen Yogurt Franchise Questions

How long are the average franchise agreement terms?
This depends heavily on the frozen yogurt franchise you choose. Generally the first term is for 10 years and then you can renew but there might be more fees associated with the renewal.

Can I own more than one frozen yogurt franchise store?

Yes, generally you can own as many stores as you'd like in your territory providing you can meet the financial requirements.

How much does it cost to open a frozen yogurt franchise?
Depending on the type of store (stand alone, kiosk, storefront, etc.) you open and which franchise you choose, you'll need somewhere between $70,000 to $250,000.

How quickly will it take to make a profit?

Your profits will depend on how well you run the business, how good your location is, and how well you manage your employees. There is no real way to average out how fast you will see a profit because it depends on the individual franchisee. Also due to franchising laws, frozen yogurt franchises are unable to tell you how much you will make.

Do frozen yogurt franchises offer financing?

Yes, they typically do offer some financing for the initial franchise fee. For the other costs, most frozen yogurt franchises will connect you with a 3rd party lender.

Do most frozen yogurt franchises offer training?
Yes. Most franchises offer in-depth training on running an frozen yogurt business including marketing, budgeting, products, and other aspects of the frozen yogurt business.

Can I sell my frozen yogurt franchise?
Yes - typically you can sell your franchise to a person who is pre-approved by your franchisor. Be careful of fees assessed during this process.


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